Trip 5 – BP

Starring: Ben Player Images: Rod Owen

"I sat there with the other 10 guests completely mesmerised by the abundance and diversity of waves in the area." (3 x World Champ Ben Player) Check the RIPTIDE feature article on BP here at the end of this gallery.
This beachie wedge was a lucky score when we got stuck on the road from an avalanche ahead and we couldn't go further, we walked down to the beach in-front & found this rare day at this beachie
To say that we got some good waves is an understatement, we got some amazing waves. The trip to Secret Sumatra was maybe even the most successful surf adventure I have ever done." BP
The Ben Player approval
BP getting ready to hit some ramps at a right all too himself
Plenty of tunnels early season
Reflecting on the trip, I can't understand how people have ever come back from #_*#^, Sumatra and say they didn't score. There's no crowds, the beach breaks are like something you'd draw in your maths book as a kid" BP
Early season rights
"The reef breaks have enough juice to keep you on your toes." BP
Checking out a local school
"The only reason I can think of why people have come back and not raved about it is because they didn't stay at Secret Sumatra" BP
"..and if they did stay at Secret Sumatra they are just staying true to the names by keeping their amazing holiday under lock and key." BP
Ben scoring a fun ramping left to himself
Ben Player with not a worry in the world
Ben eyeing off the bowl
An a symetrical beachy peak
So many fun waves this trip
All images in this trip are by lensman Rod Owen, the best in the business really. Will he be shooting you on your trip next year?