Trip 13

Starring: Paul, Matt, Kris, Ben, Steve 1, Jake, Jason, Jason 1 , Jason 2, Shane, Raul, Chris & Steve 2

Perfect rights, palms swaying in the background. Where else would you rather be?
Fish eye view
Steve stepping off the edge of the jungle and into..
Ken's doing it again
Sunset pits out front
Another day, another sunset..
Shane loving life in the tropics
Raul lining up a cracker
Surf guide Andy (aka. Ken) lining up pit of the day again, the bloody bastard..
Raul was all over this right this day
Another day in paradise
Stevo in the zone
Looks like perfect pits are on the menu today
Mmmm mmm..
Jason shacked a stones throw from his bungalow
Kris stalling into a green cylinder
Shane on a fun runner
Jake in a perfect one ot front
Kris where you'd rather be
Jake driving of the bottom
Another perfect right hand set up for the boys
Another perfect day in Secret Sumatra