Trip 11

Starring: Andy, Nash, Rob, Mark, Cam, Simon, Kody, Emma & Justin , Kate & Mitchell

Mark loving life
Once again, we've done it again
Kody having his own pitfest
James getting another pit, why not
An extravaganza of pits it was
Simo and the lads scored this session near the end of the trip and came back with ear to ear grins
Nash ain't no statue
Simo got a million and one pits at the pit fiesta
Why not
Mark standing tall into oblivion
Kody loving it
Andy loves lefts & a good day on the binnies. He works as a bush regenerationist and has been over for two back to back stints two years in a row scoring cracking waves and not wanting to leave.. We like Andy
Louis going down the beach to whack off
James got the name James beers on this trip, loves a pit too
Justin came over with his girl Emma, both deadset legends, love a good old sunset on the tower with a bintang and the crew. We hope to do it all ahgain someday with these guys
Here he goes again, James hoping to not end up in the graveyard after this session
Lefts, rights, lefts rights...
Nash came over with Andy for the dbl stint, also loves a bintang and a dart and also a part of the furniture we didn't want to leave
Simo is one of those guys that's always on. Into a session at the drop of a hat, he loves a good old laugh and Simo absolutely loves a pit scoring fiesta.
Who would have thought.. more pits?
Joni dog tits
A day at the beachies
James, James, James, James, James, James. James, James....
Not a bad looking bank
Benny scoring one of many
Epic times, epic crew
Perfect rights anyone?
We know where Louis is paddling out
Morning light