Trip 10

Starring: David, Matt, Gary, Troy, Jefro, Tim, Brett, Steve, Paul, Scott, Nathan, Benjamin & Martin

The boys loving life
Gaz showing the younger lads how it's done
Big Tim leaning into a joyous right hand cylinder
Brett on pit no.356
Brett turning into the light
Jeffro is the head of Misfit surf aid and has done more with his life than most others and is forever giving back. He's an inspirational guy, here he is being inspired by his son Tim
Heavy water
A morning bomb
Luigi up to no good, as usual
These lads really got down with the local groms, a lot of the boys are involved in surf aid doing good for the less fortunate
Fadilla the Sumatran pirate
Brett lining up whats ahead
Benji cutting through sheet glass
Ryza lining up the mega angle from behind the section
More pits...
Jeffro loves it
When in Indo
Enough boards ya reckon?
Sanga driving off the bottom
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