Trip 6

Starring: Trent, David, Shaun, Cam, Matt, Luke, Tyrone, Tim, Ben, Rhys, Sam & Jarrad

The boys went hard on this trip, a million pits and 2 million bintangs. Why not
A fun adventure out a nearby island, a sketchy arrival but they handled...
Some fun days at the beachies were had in-between cracking pits at the reefs
Bananna bread and perfect pits for breakfast this day
Not an unusual nigjt for the boys
The boys worked hard for their seafood (sitting in the background drinking binnies, leaving the locals to it hahaha)
Hello mister, i'm gonna shoot you in the balls
Launching off the end bowl of a fun left..
Trent punching a backflip off the end bowl
? dropping down a bomb
One of the boys getting shacked out front
It's a tough life, bannana pancakes, staying in the best place in town and paddling out front to these
Just another day in Secret Sumatra
Jarred pulling into a bomb, mates hooting on the channel.. Just another day for the boys
Deep driving on a cracker
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