Trip 19

Starring: Dan, Harley, Simon, Jason, Christina, Matt, Ben, Lewis, Ryan, & Stacey

Some crackers at the beachie this day for the boys, who scored it all to themselves
Stacey loved every minute of being out here, a nice break for the resident DJ's/Promoter who calls Sydney home. Didn't stop him drinking 200 bintang's tho
Dan on a break from building his house on Sydney's norther beaches
Jason & his wife Christina flew all the way over from Florida to close up the season with us, we thoroughly enjoyed their company tho we we're cruel enough to beat them at beer pong, until next time guys hahaha
Jason spent plenty of time in the barrel this trip
Proof of human cloning
SS can bring people together creating good mates. Stacey and Ryan were from opposite ends of the country but became good mates on the trip, looks like a big new years is already on the cards for the boys..
Simon decided to take 6 months off work and get pitted all over Indo, after 1 million pits he was chufffed on his stop at our place, was good to have you mate. Yew!
The wave out front did it's thing for the lads on this trip
Dan snapped all his boards but got them stuck back together and kept scoring
Jasons wife Christina, shooting him at the beachie, Jason is a lucky man
Scoring, as always
Ryan and Jason, fooling around
Perfect pits for our crew
Harley loving life
Another day in the life of SS
Dan on a perfect looking one
Shall we get out there?
Andy the surf guide, at it again
Lous was all over it this day
This is what we do
Andy got shacked this morning
Simon on a cracker.. again.. How could we not show the sequence of this?
Simon not even trying to hide the stoke
Dan setting it up
Jason on a 35 footer
Ken has done it again