Trip 18

Starring: Troy, Ryan, Dan, Dave, Steve, Ian, Jethro, Keith, Brad, Corey, Dylan, James & Dan 2

Whatman, why notman
Once again, we're on it again....
The one that got away...
The boys gearing up for some perfect rights
Ian wandering through the jungle to score cracking left hand pits..
One minute from your bungalow and into this
Dan the man who likes to get barreled
Troy & Corey chillaxin
Troy gave the wave out front a nudge, DK
Dan dropping into another cracker
Nothing like hanging out with old mates
James (aka. Ocean girl) spend more time in the water and got more waves than anyone so he got the best nickname
Ocean girl on a beauty
Jethro's DK shack
Keith on a shackalack
Troy lining up a cracker
More perfect rights
We are on it, as always..
Jethro, two minutes from his bungalow
Steve in one of many..
Ian is a legend
Troy gets called Rastaman everywhere he goes in Indo, wonder why
Beachie perfection