Trip 9

Starring: Luigi, Matt, Josh, Andrew, Chris, Lachlan, Thomas, Jordan, Ben, Brendan, Jaydin, & Josh

The best sunsets on Earth
Another crazy set up for the lads to get shacked outta their minds on..
Perfect long lefts
Adam on a smoker
Sunset beers, anyone?
Perfect pits out front, again...
Hello mister?
Welcome to pitfest, across the channel, out front
The boys thinking pits for breaky
Ryza's new bike, benny the chong chong
Someones gotta do it..
Looks like we've done it again, again
Oh ow
Quick refuel
Sunset session
Luigi on the DK at the left over the channel out front
Luis at his favourite spot on Earth
Jethro & Adam drinking it in
Luis flexing
Jethro trying to save his retinas
Jethro locking in
Stop thinking about the footy!
Local groms frothing
Ricardo hanging with the groms
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